Blood Angels


Aah the Blood Angels. My first army when I started playing Warhammer 40k! I just love the way the army looks. The wings, numerous purity seals (I'm looking at you Astorath) and their colour scheme are the things that lured me. I also love the close combat way of fighting, way more rewarding that just shooting the zog out of your opponent methinks. Collecting and painting wise, I'll go for the 2nd Company "the Blooded", with some support from the 1st Company terminators of course! Fluff wise, not every single model is gonna be named, but I just pick out the characters, sergeants and big units like dreadnoughts. Below a painting to do list and some info about the characters and units. Enjoy!

Painting to do list

There are a lot of minis who are waiting to get painted, so I'll just list the paint in progress ones. In no particular order.

Painting in progress
  • 5 Assault marines - Done!
  • 5 Death Company marines - Done!
  • Sanguinary Priest - Done!
  • Rhino
  • Lemartes
  • Space Hulk Librarian
  • Captain Karlaen (from the Deathstorm box)

Characters and Units

Donatos Aphael

Well, at least my version of Aphael. I really like the mini and this is the first Angel I actually finished but I'll probably redo this character and make a custom Aphael instead of picking a random Space Marine captain and paint it red ;)

Squad "Corrus"

The second tactical squad, named after sergeant Corrus (the dude with the banner).

Death Company Dreadnought Altus

Revered brother Altus, who fell to the Black Rage when he failed to open a pickle jar.

All jokes aside, this guy still needs some fluff ;)

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