Deathskull Orks


I've always loved the silliness of the Orks; the conversions, the colours and the orks themselves. When a colleague started to collect and field them in battle, I quickly developed a soft spot for them and from that moment on I wanted my very own Waaagh! The Deathskulls clan was my first choice. After painting a lot of red for the Blood Angels, I figured it was time for an other colour scheme, so those orks with blue warpaint definitely got my attention and I really liked their background! They like to steal things and make it orky, are highly superstitious and think that blue will make them lucky! Then I saw the fun but daunting task before me to convert Imperial vehicles for my thieving green skins.

The ork warband is currently lead by Grukk Face-rippa, but is soon to be replaced with my very own warboss Grimtoof ' Eadchoppa!

Painting to do list

Painting in progress
  • Grukk Face-rippa
  • 20 boys
  • 10 gretchins - Done!
  • Wartrakk (Kromlech version) - Done!
Ready to paint
  • Killa Kan
  • Mek Gun
  • 10 stormboyz
  • 10 gretchins
  • 10 nobz


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