09 May 2015

Fixing the Kastelan Robots

Evenin' everyone. A little rant from me about GW's new release of the Adeptus Mechanicus range. The Kastelans, two huge and ancient robots build ten thousand years ago.

When leaked images started to appear on the interwebs I had my doubts about this release. They looked a bit out of place next to the other Ad Mech miniatures, the heads were ugly and they had a Baymax-ish (yes Big Hero 6) feel to them. But now they are released and we can see them in their full glory, I started to like them. Yes, they still look a bit out of place (but hey, the robots are like ten thousand years old and probably never given an upgrade) and I'm willing to take that for granted... but those heads.... man they're fugly and look rather goofy too! So, since I want a couple of these buggers in my Ad Mech force, I've started to think about a way to fix this obvious gripe.

Forge Wold has some excellent Ad Mech stuff so I dropped by their site for some inspiration. There were some models whom caught my interests:

A Castellax Battle-Automata

A Thanatar Siege-Automata

I really dig those bronze "heads" and to tie the Kastelans more to Forge World's releases, I'll be going for that look. My idea is to keep the heads nice and clean looking. Here's a sketch I made from that idea:

The head's going to be less egg shaped and will receive some bolts and steampunk-ish gubbinz. I'm not sure how I gonna do the air vents but will figure that out later (I hope). Here's the same sketch with one addition; an eyes of some sorts:

These will be places on the side of the head. But I like the first idea the most, nice and clean not too much junk on it.

So what do you guys think? Which idea to go? Or perhaps you've got an idea of your own? Let me know!


  1. Your changes certainly draw them more inline with the style of the FW models.

    Looks good as a concept.

    Looking forward to seeing how they pan out.

  2. I like it - that alternate head idea definitely looks good! Totally agree that the head is the weakest aspect of the new GW robots.

    1. Cheers. It shouldn't be too hard to do methinks.

  3. Its funny, I did not like them, but now I'm painting them they have grown on me. I think the paint job the gave them was not the best. Another nice thing is that all the weapons options are super easy to magnetize.

    1. Good to know that the weapons are easy magnetizable! I agree that the paint job doesn't do them any good and it took me a while too to like the overall design. But for some reason I personally just can't like the heads haha. What colour scheme did you gave them?



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