26 August 2015

Fixing the Kastelan Robots - Done!

Finally sat down yesterday and finished these buggers! Nothing is magnetized for now as the guns on the top can easily be switched and the hands seem to stick to the arms very well! I'm really curious how they will look when they're painted. Because I think the bronze heads will not go with the white colour scheme very well. Perhaps I will paint them red with a few hints on Forge World Metalica. Ah well, we'll see!

The Cybernetica Datasmith is assembled too but forgot to picture him.

Lastly, I gently drilled the air vents on the heads (pictured above). It looks a little rough now so it needs a little cleaning up. Although it was pretty easy to do, I had to be VERY careful to not make them too large or ruin the model. So to make sure I didn't drill the wrong spot, I drew a line with pencil first to mark the position and length of the air vent. Then, picking the smallest drill bit, I carefully drilled the air vent. And not too deep, otherwise the holes would be too large.

So the robots are done and ready to get primed! Stay tuned for more folks.


  1. And now you are on twitter as well! Awesome :)

  2. Yep... gotta keep up haha. I actually don't like twitter that much but I think it's a good medium to share small hobby musings and in between WIP photo's and to keep up with the community as well.



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