31 October 2016

Tyrant's Legion Leman Russ - Done!

As promised; a hobby update! I spend a few weeks on this guy but he's finally finished! It's actually my first finished vehicle model, so I'm really excited to share it with you.

This Leman Russ was already on the painting list during the Tale of 8 Gamers earlier this year, so I thought I'd might as well take the leap and paint it. A friend of mine was so kind to let me use his airbrush. With that the base colours were done in no time. After the Abaddon Black basecoat, I sprayed Eshin Grey on the top to give it a zenithal highlight. After that, I washed the recesses with Nuln Oil, drybrushed the tank with Dawn Stone and that was the biggest part done. Super easy, super quick. The rust effects on the model (although not as rusty looking on the pics unfortunately) was achieved with Modelmates' Rust Effect. For the dust I used Secret Weapon's Yellow Earth weathering powder.

Below some more pics. Also with the Battle Tank turret on (the first turret is the Annihilator variant).

Fun model to paint I must say. I like it way better than a Rhino haha. Next, I'll finish some more Tyrant's Legion Auxilia troops, so stay tuned for that!

1 comment:

  1. Looks well, nice solid colours. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the army come together.



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