Flayed Ones

The four Flayed Ones are done! Luckily they didn't have that many details because painting these buggers reminded me of how tedious batch painting is. Anyway, from left to right Tahar the Merciless, Zan-Tep the Bloodied, Banatur the Flenser, and Amhut the Cruel.

If you're considering making a Necron kill team, Flayed Ones are a must. They are excellent harassers and objective grabbers. They can pack a punch too with wound rerolls and use the Flayed One tactic!

I also have a T'au kill team in the works and already finished a test mini (will post that soon) but before plunging into those, I want to finish the Necron team first. Luckily there are two more left; a leader and the comms.


'Till next time!


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