11 July 2016

Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest II

For this year's ETL competition, I painted another Sanguinary Priest, but this time with jumppack. I painted him in the traditional Blood Angels colours than the one before, as I see him more down to earth and he blends in well with the Assault Squad.

I don't have time to do another vow for the ETL but I thought it was a nice little distraction from fantasy and it has been quite sometime since my Blood Angels received any love. Below so more pictures for you, so enjoy!

25 June 2016

The Silver Tower I

A friend of mine bought the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower game and I asked to help him paint the miniatures. I play the Excelsior Warpriest with his Gryph-hound sidekick myself so I painted him first. The miniatures are very well sculpted, as you might expect from GW and are a joy to paint. The Pink Horror went surprisingly fast. When the pink is done the rest is just a walk in the park.

We'll be splitting the monsters probably, so expect more from the Silver Tower! Below some detail shots:

P.s. we played the game a few times and we had a blast! It's loads of fun and quite random so it's different every time you play it. Highly recommended! 

05 June 2016

Deathrattle Horde

Hello guys!

The Skeleton Warriors are done! Sorry for the old set-up, the camera I normally use was not available. So I had to use my iPhone and the nice weather. But the photo's came out pretty good, so enjoy some walking dead!

15 May 2016

Dead Men Walking

As promised, some skeletons! I'm using the same painting scheme as depicted on the Skeleton Warriors box, so lot's of black, brown and red. I will be swaping the colours here and there so they won't look the same.

In the couple of days I want to paint the whole unit as they are so quick and easy to do. So keep an eye out or check my Twitter!


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