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Hello everyone!

Here's an update of the kill team I'm currently working on and it's Eldar! It's a whole other faction than I usually paint, but the miniatures and the look of the eldar is just so fantastic. With kill team you just need a small team of miniatures and it opens up new possibilities for conversions. There a little conversions on the Dire Avenger like her head and the grenades are painted up as medical supplies since she's the Medic of the team. The other two are just foot soldiers. Currently painting up the Comms specialist and the Exarch leader. I'll post all the backstory and bio's of the team later.

The eldar lend themselves very well for a bold colour scheme so I decided to do just that. The striking orange works really well with the white and blue and Stahly's eldar were definitely a source of inspiration, so check out his wonderful eldar! If your curious about the orange, here's the recipe and a little how-to:

Basecoat/prime your …

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