18 April 2016

Astral Claws Retaliators 1/2

Boy, it has been quiet in here... I have been hobbying quite a lot though (people who check my twitter account may have seen a few things) but it's all Age of Sigmar related. I picked up a Start Collecting box of the Death faction and already played a few games with friends. So because of that, the Astral Claws sat idly on the hobby table waiting to get finished. With the deadline of the Tale of 8 Gamers approaching (mind you, I have no illusions about the fact that I'm not going to paint 1000 points before the end date), I figured I should at least finish the Retaliators! Working on these guys has been a bit of a drag recently because I'm just itching to paint some AoS models. Well, enough complaining, at least I got these three done. The only one left now is the Veteran Sergeant.

Enjoy the pictures, and see you 'till the next update (this won't take a month, promise...)!


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