25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas fellow bloggers! May you have a wonderful time with friends and family or plastic men! ;)

This year was a fantastic hobby year for me. Lot's of great miniature releases, fun community contests and projects, the blog expanded to Twitter and I've actually finished some projects! Last November was also the first anniversary for Hammer 'n Brush! Thanks to you guys this blog has grown steadily! It has now 22 followers and 11087 (at the time of this post) views!! Here's a top five of the most visited posts:
Apparently I've hit a gold mine with the Kastelan conversion haha! The post stands far above the others views wise! I hope it serves the community well! And now the top five of the most visiting countries:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Russia
Again, thank you for your support guys! I hope to keep updating this little blog on a regular basis and share with you some awesome projects. Speaking of projects, I have some new additions for the Badab War Tale of 8 Gamers project! To boost the ranks of the Tyrant's Legion I ordered some lovely Victoria Miniatures:

A 5 men and 5 woman Arcadians and Penal Guard!

Of course I had to put one together almost right away:

Looking sharp girl!

And my Christmas gift (the Tyrant of Badab insisted on getting me something dead killy):

The base for the Leman Russ Annihilator! I still have to get that Annihilator turret from Forge World but I'll be also building the standard Battle Tank turret. Anyways, looking forward to a new hobby year!Stay tuned for the next updates guys and enjoy your holidays!

22 December 2015

Tyrant's Legion Squad I - Done!

Finished the count-as Tyrant's Legion Auxilia Armsmen Cadre (minus the Master-at-Arms)! They were really fun to paint. But batch painting is still a pain in the butt!

Fluff will come later. Enjoy!

07 December 2015

Back to Badab

For the next six months I'll be participating in the Tale of 8 Gamers project at Bolter & Chainsword forum! This year is the Badab War edition and a kind forum member asked me to join with my Astral Claws. Well I couldn't let that one pass up, now could I? In the meantime I will still be participating in the campaign of my local GW but the Orks don't take up much hobby time as they are all primed or have some colours on. So I can focus fully on this new project. The deadline is on 23 of March 2016.

To make things interesting and stimulate our creative juices, we (the Tale of 8 Gamers group) wrote some fluff on a "forgotten event" during the Badab War. If you're interested, read the full story in the project thread here.

Everyone of us has a list of 1000 points that we will assemble and paint. With the backstory in mind I tried to make the army list as fluffy as I could. In other words; meat shields at the front, big guns at the back and the Astral Claws somewhere in between; being the only ones who are truly useful! Just how the Tyrant of Badab likes it, right?

Right! On to the army list:

Note: some of the weapon upgrades are still not final!

Tyrant's Legion Centurion
power sword, melta bombs, combi-melta

Legion Retaliator Squad
4x marines; bolt pistols, close combat weapons, combat shield, melta bombs, 1x veteran sergeant; power axe, bolt pistol, combat shield, melta bombs

Auxilia Armsmen Cadre
8x armsmen; lasgun, 1x missile launcher team, master-at-arms; close combat weapon, laspistol

Legion Auxilia
17x auxiliary; lasgun, 2x auxiliary with flamer, prefect; close combat weapon, laspistol

Legion Space Marine Cohort
8x space marine; bolter, 1x spacemarine with meltagun, veteran sergeant; power sword, plasma pistol

Fast Attack
Legion Iron Hunter Squadron
3x space marine biker, 1x space marine biker with grav-gun, huntmaster

Heavy Support
Auxilia Battle Tank Squadron
2x leman russ annihilator; twin-linked lascannon, heavy bolters

Pretty cool stuff! Now I went ahead and started to paint the first bunch the Auxilia Armsmen Cadre! These guys are the more specialist forces and have better stats then the other human auxilia. I bought some Cadian Shock Troops to represent these guys. In the fluff I'm currently writing, they hail from Badab Primaris itself (the throne world of the Tyrant). Their origins lie in the old Planetary Defence Force before Huron took over and recieved better training. The leader of the bunch is Prefect Claudus Fask (count-as Master-at-Arms) who comes from a noble house. Anyway, I will post some more fluff when the time comes! Here are some pics of the current progress:

I'm actually nearing the end with these guys! The only things left to do: their skin, armour, black leather and the base.

Here's a close-up, so you'll have more of an idea how they all look like now:

I hope to finish these guys by the end of the week. Welp, that's it for today guys! See ya around!


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