30 May 2015

Red and Furious

Hello everyone! I'm participating in a competition on the Bolter and Chainsword forum and I'm painting a few units of my Blood Angels. The competition ends on August the 1st so I have plenty of time to finish them. When you've taken the "vow" and enter the comp. (before June the 1st) you can take up to five vows after that. Each vow is a number of points of units or characters from the codex of your army. So my first vow is an Assault Squad and a Sanguinary Priest totalling 185 points according to the Codex: Blood Angels.

So, here's the first half of my entry, the Assault Squad:

These guys were laying around for ages so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally finish them. The red and yellow are all done now, so next up; the weapons, eyes, other gubbinz and of course, the base.

The second half of the vow is the sanguinary priest. He's waiting to get primed:

No worries, I'm also busy painting project Waaagh! Black'eart but I don't have anything of interest to show you (still undercoating them).

Anyways, enjoy this update for now and 'till next time!

11 May 2015

Waaagh! Black'eart WIP IV - Job's a Good 'un Boss!

Welp, here he is then, the big boss himself is done! It feels like I've been working on Huron for ages but when you add up the time I've spent on it, it isn't all that much. There are some things in this project that I could have done better. Especially the flamer in his hand (dropped that idea as you can see and chopped up the gun instead). I really wanted to mirror the Chaos version of Huron but my conversion skillz were not really up for the task and I was afraid it might ruin the claw all together.

For those of you who don't know what this madness is all about: Waaagh! Black'eart is a little side project a friend on Dakka and I came up with. It is an alternate version of the Chaos lord Huron Blackheart. So instead of getting saved by Chaos after his fall on Badab, Huron is saved by some crazy Orks and crowned him as their Warboss (Wot? A 'oomie leadin' da Boyz?! Yes, because... conversion reasons). On this page you can read some info about the project and enjoy some fluff!

Anyways, here are some close-up pics of da boss:

All in all the flamer looks pretty badass!

All that boring grey plastic and resin irk me to no end so I can't wait to paint this guy and see him in full glory!

09 May 2015

Fixing the Kastelan Robots

Evenin' everyone. A little rant from me about GW's new release of the Adeptus Mechanicus range. The Kastelans, two huge and ancient robots build ten thousand years ago.

When leaked images started to appear on the interwebs I had my doubts about this release. They looked a bit out of place next to the other Ad Mech miniatures, the heads were ugly and they had a Baymax-ish (yes Big Hero 6) feel to them. But now they are released and we can see them in their full glory, I started to like them. Yes, they still look a bit out of place (but hey, the robots are like ten thousand years old and probably never given an upgrade) and I'm willing to take that for granted... but those heads.... man they're fugly and look rather goofy too! So, since I want a couple of these buggers in my Ad Mech force, I've started to think about a way to fix this obvious gripe.

Forge Wold has some excellent Ad Mech stuff so I dropped by their site for some inspiration. There were some models whom caught my interests:

A Castellax Battle-Automata

A Thanatar Siege-Automata

I really dig those bronze "heads" and to tie the Kastelans more to Forge World's releases, I'll be going for that look. My idea is to keep the heads nice and clean looking. Here's a sketch I made from that idea:

The head's going to be less egg shaped and will receive some bolts and steampunk-ish gubbinz. I'm not sure how I gonna do the air vents but will figure that out later (I hope). Here's the same sketch with one addition; an eyes of some sorts:

These will be places on the side of the head. But I like the first idea the most, nice and clean not too much junk on it.

So what do you guys think? Which idea to go? Or perhaps you've got an idea of your own? Let me know!

08 May 2015

The First of Many

Here's the finished test Skitarii Ranger for your enjoyment! He was a fun one to paint albeit a little tricky sometimes (fiddely bitz and all). Only downside; I had to free hand all the markings on his robe and will have to do that again for the rest of the lot *gulp*.

I did give em a Martian base although he's actually from the Forge World Metalica and their planet has a metal surface. But I thought a red underground would contrast the white robes better and his metalic feet would also be better visible.

Anyways! Enjoy the pictures.

02 May 2015

Waaagh! Black'eart WIP III

Hello everyone. I've worked some more on project Waaagh! Black'eart. This time, it's a Ork Nob honoured to carry the pirate flag Waaagh! Banner. He was fun one to put together. I used the flag from a fantasy Ork kit and had to cut off the choppy part of the Big Choppa and put them together. A simple conversion but I like how he came out!

A group shot with da boyz!

So the boyz are as good as done! I'll prime them next weekend and they'll be ready to get some paint.

But that's not all, I've been busy with Hurons claw and I again, need your opinions ;) I wanted to give him a flamer on his claw just like the Huron Blackheart model:

So I tried to make something (I repeat, something) with plasticard tubes... but I'm not really pleased with it.

It looks a bit "meh" and it's not very practical as he can't even close his claw properly. So I might drop the idea. And just slapping a flamer on that arm was not really an option as there's not much room for extra stuff.

But then I looked at his left arm, the big shoota:

I think this one lends it self well to become a flamer. Huron's load-out will look more like the one he had when he was still a loyalist. Something like this:

But that's not that bad. I think it will look better and make more sense. So, waddaya think? Go for the flamer claw or the gun?

When the flamer is done, I only need to green stuff some cables and other gubbinz and then *gasp* he's ready to get painted! I've had my doubts about this project sometimes, not knowing I could pull this off but now I can see the end of the tunnel. Anyways, as always thanks for looking and see you next time!


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