29 February 2016

Retaliation Comes Swift

... and with iron teeth.

Retaliation comes indeed swift and in shiny armour! The first Astral Claw Retaliator is finished guys. I used this chap more or less as a test for the others; as I wanted to test some new recipes! The gold was one of the new ones and I love how it came out. The Auric Armour Gold paint really gives it a polished gold look (it looks darker here then in real life).

Just like the previous Astral Claw, the metallic armour is painted using the "zenithal highlighting" technique. Normally I just highlight the edges when it comes to space marines but with this technique you try to highlight your miniature more realistically (with an imaginary light source directly above the model). Now, in no ways I'm an expert and I still do some edge highlighting where I saw fit, so it can't be called true zenithal highlighting, but hey, it works for me ;)

Now I can start on the rest of his squad. So stay tuned!!

20 February 2016

Nature's Wrath

Evenin' everyone!

Something entirely different for you guys today; a Sylvaneth Dryad! She's a test model to see if the painting scheme, I got from the "How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Dryads" guide, works. The winter theme really appealed to me and the dark bark just pops off of the snowy base. The scheme was very easy and quick to do. I've spend 2-3 hours in total on this girl and I'm very happy with that! Now I can look forward to paint the rest!

The Sylvaneth will side with my Seraphon/Lizardmen. I have some fluff floating around in my head on how these two factions came together. Will post some stories in the future!

A little nitpick; not at all pleased with the snow from the Army Painter. The snow is very grained and just doesn't look very much like actual snow imho. So I'm looking for a better alternative, any ideas guys? I did go a bit overboard with covering the entire base though. Ah well, a lesson learnt.

14 February 2016

Legion Auxilia 3/3

Well, it took me longer to finish them then I had hoped, but here they are! The penal guard is done and that means that the Legion Auxilia is done too! I lost some steam when I was painting them and the batch painting became a real pain. But in the end I found the motivation to give them something extra; such as shaved heads/beards and paint all the eyes.

I'm quite happy about them I must say. The casts have a good amount of details and they didn't suffer from miscasts or airbubbels. There was some flash but nothing serious. So, if you are interested in buying stuff from Victoria Miniatures, I can wholeheartedly recommend them!

Last but not least, a group shot of the whole Legion Auxilia:

And now it's time to paint some power armour! Wooohoo!


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