Waaagh! Black'eart


Story and original idea by Ezra Tyrius.

The Tyrant awoke. He felt the numbness of his body slowly subside as it was brought back from its slumber. How long had he been gone? He remembered his final battle on Badab, the Melta-gun tearing its way through his flesh, rendering him crippled, broken and.... dead?

And yet he was waking, rising once more from the eternal sleep. But however numb the anaesthetics had made him, something felt... wrong.

With a painful shock, the right side of his body began creaking and moaning, strange machinery setting even stranger mechanical parts in motion. The right side of his head began feeding him seemingly random pieces of information, unfamiliar codes and signs flashing in his vision. Confused, he searched for something, anything he recognised in the alien language racing through his mind.

He opened his eyes, terrified by the knowledge of what had come to pass. His eyes kept widening as he looked at the hulking monstrosity his body had become. The numbness in his chest, finally fading completely, let out a terrible scream of despair;


"Uhm, Boyz, I think da Boss is up..."

Meanwhile, somewhere in the depths of the Warp, the laughter of a cunning god echoed in the halls of its domain...


What if Lugft Huron was not saved by Chaos but by Orks? The idea of a "looted" Huron began with fellow Dakkanaut Ezra Tyrius and then we quickly expanded on the idea and renamed him Huron Black'eart, warboss of da Red Corsairz! This crazy idea got me of course inspired to convert/kitbash this fearless warboss!

The plan: 

  • Huron Black'eart himself;
  • A squig as his alternate Hamadrya;
  • Four Red Corsair Boyz;
  • One Nob with Waaagh! banner
Follow the progress on this blog!

Da Boyz

Da Nob

Da Squig


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