15 May 2016

Dead Men Walking

As promised, some skeletons! I'm using the same painting scheme as depicted on the Skeleton Warriors box, so lot's of black, brown and red. I will be swaping the colours here and there so they won't look the same.

In the couple of days I want to paint the whole unit as they are so quick and easy to do. So keep an eye out or check my Twitter!

14 May 2016

Winter's Coming...

 Cheesy title is cheesy...

So, some Seraphon for you guys this time! I finished them quite a while ago but they just needed some snow basing. If you remember the Sylvaneth, I wasn't very happy about the Army Painter's snow. Some people directed me to a technique where you mix snow flock with PVA glue. Army Painter's snow is a bit too sugar-like for my taste so I got some new stuff from Gale Force 9. The technique worked out pretty well methinks! It's essential to slap big blobs of the mix on your base to get that snow pile look.

Now back in ye good old days, in the Old World or the World-that-Was (-wait, how many hyphens do I have to put in this name?), it was highly unlikely to have Lizardmen in a snowy landscape. But in the Mortal Realms lizards can now appear anywhere. I do still have the urge to explain to people why they are out and about in this frightful weather haha.
In short: the Seraphon have heed the call Sylvaneth jungle in need. The Skaven have entered their domain and with a terrible world engine they sucked the life out of almost everything and changed the lush summer into a dreadful winter. Only the Sylvaneth are able to fight back, but they're vastly outnumbered...

In time, I'll flesh out the fluff more and I'll also add some nods to the Old World. So look forward to that! Oh and one more Lizardmen for you...

I also did a test Skink:

Welp, I hope you enjoyed this update! I for one enjoyed painting these wonderful models. Next update will contain some undead fellows, skeletal undead to be precise!

06 May 2016

Haunting the Night

Hello everyone!

So, here's a Hexwraith test model for my Death army in Age of Sigmar! Not everything is going to look like this but all the spirits and Hexwraiths will (now called Nighthaunt). I really enjoyed painting this fella as he's so different from space marines and I tried some new techniques.

The robe colour was inspired by the Hexwraith models on the GW webstore. And the blue ethereal-like recipe is based off of the one in How to Paint Citadel Miniatures Nagash guide. I did tweak the recipe a bit as it didn't work for me. They used at a certain point Celestia Grey but I changed that to Baharroth Blue + Ulthuan mix as it blends better with the previous layer.

So you're probably wondering what the recipe is, well here you go:

  • Baharroth Blue
  • Sotek + Lahmian Medium (thin it until it looks like a wash)
  • Baharroth again for clean-up
  • Baharroth mixed with a little bit of Ulthuan Grey
  • Pure Ulthuan Grey for highlights
Next update will probably be some Lizardmen (Serpahon, I keep calling them Lizardmen haha). I finished two a while ago but still have to do some snow basing. I got a new technique for that so I hope it works!

Btw, I will come back to the comments on my previous post! So don't think I'm ignoring you guys ;)

Oh and... before you go: there's an awesome new Age of Sigmar forum on the interwebz; The Grand Alliance! There are a lot of awesome people on already (including me), so get on and join the fun!

02 May 2016

Astral Claws Retaliators 2/2

Finally the Astral Claws are finished! But not before the deadline, I'm afraid. I thought I was still in time, but Tale of 8 Gamers actally ended at the end of March instead of April... whoops. Ah well, still glad I finished the Claws for the sake of completion. Now I can safely start a new painting project without having to look at half painted Astral Claws.

So, the last Retaliator is veteran sergeant Negarek. The power axe was great fun to paint. I followed a Advent Calendar tutorial by Games Workshop. I'm very pleased how it came out, it really looks like it's glowing! In case you are wondering why he has a Blood Angel's dagger with him; he got it from a Lamenter; a good friend who's life he once saved :)

Below a pic of everything I assembled and painted for the Tale of 8 Gamers project:

I think I'll be focusing on painting some Age of Sigmar now. Some Death units of Seraphon, who knows! But I've also been eyeballing a particular Astral Claws character, or perhaps some Blood Angels. Ah, it's good to have some freedom again! So, whatever it's going to be, be sure to watch this space!


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