Winter's Coming...

 Cheesy title is cheesy...

So, some Seraphon for you guys this time! I finished them quite a while ago but they just needed some snow basing. If you remember the Sylvaneth, I wasn't very happy about the Army Painter's snow. Some people directed me to a technique where you mix snow flock with PVA glue. Army Painter's snow is a bit too sugar-like for my taste so I got some new stuff from Gale Force 9. The technique worked out pretty well methinks! It's essential to slap big blobs of the mix on your base to get that snow pile look.

Now back in ye good old days, in the Old World or the World-that-Was (-wait, how many hyphens do I have to put in this name?), it was highly unlikely to have Lizardmen in a snowy landscape. But in the Mortal Realms lizards can now appear anywhere. I do still have the urge to explain to people why they are out and about in this frightful weather haha.
In short: the Seraphon have heed the call Sylvaneth jungle in need. The Skaven have entered their domain and with a terrible world engine they sucked the life out of almost everything and changed the lush summer into a dreadful winter. Only the Sylvaneth are able to fight back, but they're vastly outnumbered...

In time, I'll flesh out the fluff more and I'll also add some nods to the Old World. So look forward to that! Oh and one more Lizardmen for you...

I also did a test Skink:

Welp, I hope you enjoyed this update! I for one enjoyed painting these wonderful models. Next update will contain some undead fellows, skeletal undead to be precise!


  1. Looking good, I am not normally a fan of snow bases but these work really well.
    Looking forward to the undead!


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