13 September 2015

Red Corsair Squig - Done!

Huron's pet squig is done. He was a joy to paint! The OSL on his eyes and antenna were pretty tricky but came out pretty good at the end imo. The glow around his eyes could blend a bit more with his skin but I was afraid to ruin it if I'd work on it further. All in all, nice little experiment!

And now for the big boss himself!

Stay tuned!

09 September 2015

Forge World Amsterdam Open Day 2015

Hello everyone! Some pictures of the Forge World Open Day I attended last Saturday! It was great fun and definitely interesting to have a little chat with the designers. So here are a couple of impressions:

The new Tau titan, unpainted and painted. Man that thing was huge! Just look at the little guy next to him

Mark Bedford had some concept art to show. Now as a concept artist this interested me greatly! Here are some awesome mechanicum artworks:

Awesomesauce diorama incoming:

Art for sale!

And some purchases I made. All in all, it was a fun day!


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