30 March 2015

Gretchins - Done!

They are finally done! Probably spend too much time on these guys but oh well, I'm pretty pleased with the result and that's what counts right? ;)

On to the pictures, enjoy!

Some individual shots:

Like I said in my previous post, the basing will come later (I still need to decide what the basing's gonna look like for my Orks). So, painting's done, back to my conversions!


25 March 2015

Gretchins WIP II and More

Hello everyone! Some updates on the gretchins. I finished these three buggers yesterday. At this stage batch painting just doesn't work for me anymore so I just finish them individually! This also gives me the freedom to think about the tattoo design and the colours of the clothing a bit more. Anyway, still want to keep them simple. They are lowly grots after all.

But to keep them from becoming dull, one grot got some yellow. The main colours of the Death Skulls tribe are blue and white but to keep it more interesting I want to add some yellow here and there.

A group shot with the rest of the lot:

I'll do the bases later, more over they are probably one of the last units to get some basing. Anyway, still a few more to go (not to mention the Ork runtherd + squig!).

But that's not all, I raided my bitz box two days ago and assembled yet another Badab War character (I'm on a roll!). This time it's Astral Claws apothecary Iscario Seneca. His picture is actually in the campaign book, so it was easy to build him. Here he is, on a prowl for fallen space marines:

With accompanied picture from the first Badab War campaign book:

His torso is different from the pic, as I used most bitz of the Space Marine Command set. But I like the extra bottles and things on his belt. I'm planning to field his as apothecary with the Astral Claws and Corpse Taker when he's with the Tyrant's Legion. I have some servitors from the Techmarine kit laying around so they could tag along with him. Here are some more pics:

For some reason, I really want to paint this guy. But he'll have to wait till the grots are finished.

Thanks for having a look guys and till next time! Oh, some real life news; next week wednesday I'll be starting at my new job! That means less hobby time of course but I'm just so glad to have a proper job again!


20 March 2015

Bases, Bases Everywhere

Hello everyone! Here are a couple of bases I painted for my Astral Claws. The bases themselves come from Dark Art Miniatures. The amount of detail is just fantastic and the casts were perfect! I'm really happy with them. They are a bit bare at the moment but I want to add grass tufts and other things after I put on the Astral Claws themselves. Otherwise I might get into trouble when positioning them. Anyways, here are some detail shots:

The painting recipe was based on John Stiening's recipe from 40k Hobby Blog. First I sprayed them with Army Painter's Matt White, then I added two watered down coats (so the white will still shine through) of GW's Baneblade Brown and lastly they were drybrushed with GW's Screaming Skull. Of course, the black trims were done with Vajello's Black.

Here's a finished base with Astral Claw:

Oh btw, I've also updated one of my last posts "Rise of Astral Claws" with proper squad markings and of course the new fancy base!

Thanks for ready and till te next update!

18 March 2015

Waaagh! Black'eart WIP I

As promised; an update on Huron! I finished the boss pole and trophy(?) pole and spiced it up with some MasterTools chain. His head is glued down and now I have to sculpt some green stuff around it to make it look like he's actually in the suit.

And now with arms and some custom stuff:

His mouth piece was made with green stuff. At first I tried to make one with plasticard but it became too fiddly and broke off eventually. It was a heck of a job though to get it right because his head is so tiny!

This thing on his back is a psychic energy converter. His pet squig is able to transfer psychic energy to Huron so he can manifest certain psychic powers without loosing his mind. (Pretty spiffy huh?!)
But I'm still not sure about the size... It looks pretty big and it makes him even more top heavy then he already is. So I have to see if I can fix that...

And now, with the legs on:

See what I mean? He's quite top heavy. So I hope I can tone it down a bit. But then again, he looks like a real monster now! ;)

Besides Huron, a Red Corsair Boy also got some love:

Orks take being a pirate very seriously! (Or not....)
Welp, I'm pretty proud of the results so far! I'm not an converion expert but so far I managed to pull it off. Still, there are some tough cookies to crack. Stay tuned for more and let me know what you think!

16 March 2015

Corien Sumatris WIP I

Hi guys! Here's a little conversion project I'm working on these days: Corien Sumatris, Captain of the 2nd Company, the Tyrant's Champion (no worries, I'm also working on Huron Black'eart and will give you guys an update soon!).
I had a cool idea for this guy a few days ago and wanted to try it out. Everything is held together with glue tack so the proportions might be a bit off. He still needs to be cleaned up of course but at this stage I wanted to test fit to see if my idea was working. Next thing on the list; scratch building a mechanical arm on his backpack with attached bolter. Should be a nice exercise! Still not sure about his head though... I do want him to be bare headed (I think that helmeted characters tend to get a bit bland) but I'm still on the look out for a better face. Anyway, on to the pics!

Tell me what you think!

10 March 2015

From Lustria with Love

I was actually busy painting the Gretchins but got a bit distracted by this fella: a Lizardman!
The first time I saw them was in a 2006 GW catalogue and immediately fell in love with them. The bright colour scheme and the models themselves were fantastic and my old childhood love for dinosaurs rose to the surface again. I told myself; if I were to start playing or collecting Warhammer Fantasy, I'd choose for the Lizardmen (I also developed a love for Bretonnians later on but the lizzies have by far a larger range of minis, so the choice was relatively easy to make). Now, I can't really tell if I'm gonna start playing Fantasy and with rumours that the 9th is on the way (and yes I've read what they said about the Lizardmen- but I'm trying to ignore it), it's best to hold it off for now. But! That doesn't mean I can't paint them! So, me being my impatient self, I bought a box of Temple Guards and put two lizzies together. I was going for a more darker colours scheme for my scaly friends (wanted to try something else then yet again blue) but as the painting progressed, I began to dislike it. So I returned to the very thing that I love them for: bright colours! Here's the result:

To separate them a bit I want to give them different markings. Skinks will get orange markings, saurus red, temple guards yellow and so on. I'm really stoked on painting the large beasties and it will be a whole new challenge! Buuut I'm getting ahead on my self now, firstly the Temple Guards need to be finished and then I'll see what will come next. No rush!

It was a fun mini to paint but it needs an whole other approach than a Space Marine or Ork! But it's always good to challenge yourself.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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