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I was actually busy painting the Gretchins but got a bit distracted by this fella: a Lizardman!
The first time I saw them was in a 2006 GW catalogue and immediately fell in love with them. The bright colour scheme and the models themselves were fantastic and my old childhood love for dinosaurs rose to the surface again. I told myself; if I were to start playing or collecting Warhammer Fantasy, I'd choose for the Lizardmen (I also developed a love for Bretonnians later on but the lizzies have by far a larger range of minis, so the choice was relatively easy to make). Now, I can't really tell if I'm gonna start playing Fantasy and with rumours that the 9th is on the way (and yes I've read what they said about the Lizardmen- but I'm trying to ignore it), it's best to hold it off for now. But! That doesn't mean I can't paint them! So, me being my impatient self, I bought a box of Temple Guards and put two lizzies together. I was going for a more darker colours scheme for my scaly friends (wanted to try something else then yet again blue) but as the painting progressed, I began to dislike it. So I returned to the very thing that I love them for: bright colours! Here's the result:

To separate them a bit I want to give them different markings. Skinks will get orange markings, saurus red, temple guards yellow and so on. I'm really stoked on painting the large beasties and it will be a whole new challenge! Buuut I'm getting ahead on my self now, firstly the Temple Guards need to be finished and then I'll see what will come next. No rush!

It was a fun mini to paint but it needs an whole other approach than a Space Marine or Ork! But it's always good to challenge yourself.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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