29 December 2014

Ork Wartrakk - Done!

Here it is guys, it's done!

I'm off to take a two day break from painting. Will probably finish the Astral Claw assault marine (my test subject for the AC colour scheme) after that. Cheers!

27 December 2014

Wartrakk update and Tyrant's Legion

Worked on the Wartrakk some more today! I'm almost there. The driving ork needs to be done, the wheels and some gubbins.

The shooting ork is done! I'm very proud of this little guy.

Yesterday I took a little break from the painting and assembled my Cadian command squad kit for the Tyrant's Legion I got for Christmas. Read more about it after the jump!

25 December 2014

An Orky Christmas!

Merry Christmas and best wishes to you all! Here's what I'm working on these days:

 It's Kromlech's halftrack with some Games Workshop orks! I really love the design and prefer it over the current wartrakk GW has. I'd probably get one of those too just for the variation. But for now, I'm having a blast with this one! Still got a lot to do but I'm pretty happy about the result so far!

Enjoy christmas you guys and happy painting!

17 December 2014

Killa Kan finished - Holidays painting list

The killa kan is good as done - except for some minor things like bolts on the plasticard and some other tweaks but I'll finish that after the christmas holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, I'll be at my parents house for two weeks so I figured I could paint me some minis! Here's a small list of what I'm bringing with me:

  • Ork Wartrakk
  • Astral Claw assault marine test
  • Lugft Huron
  • Some Tyrant's Legion auxilia
  • Blood Angels Death Company

Now, I won't be able to finish them all methinks (you know I have to socialise now and then, right?) but it's a nice list to keep me busy.

16 December 2014

Conversion: Sentinel to Killa Kan part III

The killa kan is nearing completion! The main task this time was the gretchin and the roof hatch. The roof hatch was made with plasticard. Not the most amazing hatch ever, but it will suffice.

I've added some stuff later on but I forgot to photograph that. Anyway, the next thing was the gretchin. I took a spare gretchin head, drilled a thin pin in it and bend it so I could sculpt the greenstuff around it. The sculpt doesn't have any muscle definition or whatever, but I didn't find it very necessary since you can't see the body very well.

So, when that was out of the way, I glued all the remaining plasticard on and drilled the flamer on the body. More after the jump!

11 December 2014

Conversion: Warboss 'Eadchoppa

It has been some time ago since I worked on this, but I wanted to show you the work in progress of the Warboss Grimtoof 'Eadchoppa never the less!

First stage, assembling the arm! I used parts of Kromlech arms and some Nobz shoulder plates.

I bought some ork tech freak heads from Maxmini and this one fitted the best (the others were just too large).

Better view of the techy bits on his face.

Struggling with the bosspole here. After some frustrating hours I managed to stick two bosspoles together. The only thing left is to attach it to his metal body. Ugh.

Next up, some cables and other cubbinz! I will finish the killa kan first then continue my work on him. Sorry boss, you hav'ta wait a bit longer!

07 December 2014

A New Chapter

I've been tinkering on a custom space marine chapter for a while. At first it was going to be one of the Blood Angels successors, but when I read more into the Astral Claws fluff, it was more interesting to make a loyalist successor chapter while their sire and brother (the Tiger Claws) rebelled against the Imperium. And it gave me the opportunity to include one of my favourite chapters in the fluff of my own space marines chapter! No, I'm not gonna start a new army... that's too much of a hassle and costs way to much, but I intend to paint a few figures for them and I've a pretty neat idea how the chapter masters gonna look (something to do with Cataphractii armour).
Their fluff still needs to be written out of course, but the colour scheme is all set. So I've tested it on a mini to see it really worked and that I was able to properly paint white armour. :P It's a sloppy paint job honestly, but it's a test so I really don't mind ;)

White can be pretty tricky (you have to be neat!) but it was a fun experiment overall!
A little bit of info on the colour scheme: their armour was always white with red accents, but after a devastating event (it has something to do with lots of battle brothers walking over to chaos -I'm looking a you Huron Blackheart!-) they all started to paint the shoulder pad insets black as a sign of grief and loss for their fallen and dead brothers. On the right knee pad every battle brother has the freedom to express their own personal loss by painting patterns or painting it red or black (especially the veterans since the most of them had been present at the time of the event, the new battle brothers mostly paint a red stripe). On the left knee pad, the yellow line stands for the company colour, 2nd company in this case, the IV stands for the squad number.


03 December 2014

Conversion: Sentinel to Killa Kan part II

A quick update on the sentikan; I've test fitted the weapons! It looks pretty menacing, but he's a little bit out of balance so I'll have to see if a gastank or something like that will fit on the back of the kan. If that's out of the way, I can continue my work with the plasticard and start on the gretchin.

01 December 2014

Conversion: from Sentinel to Killa Kan

The current project I'm working on; the sentikan! It's the first time I'll be doing anything with plasticard. *gulp* Let's see how it's gonna turn out.

Here's the current progress. The legs got some knee pads and spikes here and there, the cockpit will have some teeth and other gubbinz on it. As for the weapons, not sure where to put them yet. The shooty weapons will probably sit where the current weapon is supposed to be (on the right side of the mini). As for the weapon choice; I think I'll go for a grotzooka or a skorcha when the 'zooka just does not fit. For the close combat weapon the Kan Klaw will do methinks.
The gretchin will also be visible. Perhaps he's poking a gun out the window or he's opening the roof hatch. Still some planning to do, but it will be a good plasticard practise!

29 November 2014

Humble Beginnings

So here it is then, my miniature hobby blog. It's more of less an extension of my painting & modelling blog on DakkaDakka. So here you can follow me along on my painting/modelling adventures, on the projects pages (on the right menu) you can find some information on the armies and keep track of the progress.

Here are some finished miniatures to start this off with!

Warning: some mold lines and undrilled gun barrels above. These were the first Blood Angels I've began to paint when I started collecting Warhammer 40k!

Stay tuned for more updates! And if you're on Dakka, visit my p&m blog here: [link]



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