Conversion: Warboss 'Eadchoppa

It has been some time ago since I worked on this, but I wanted to show you the work in progress of the Warboss Grimtoof 'Eadchoppa never the less!

First stage, assembling the arm! I used parts of Kromlech arms and some Nobz shoulder plates.

I bought some ork tech freak heads from Maxmini and this one fitted the best (the others were just too large).

Better view of the techy bits on his face.

Struggling with the bosspole here. After some frustrating hours I managed to stick two bosspoles together. The only thing left is to attach it to his metal body. Ugh.

Next up, some cables and other cubbinz! I will finish the killa kan first then continue my work on him. Sorry boss, you hav'ta wait a bit longer!


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