30 October 2015

Grukk Face-rippa

Hi guys! I finished Grukk Face-rippa for the campaign at my local GW. Grukk acts as the Warboss (model wise) of my green horde. For months this guy was waiting to get finished. Anyways, enjoy the pictures!

06 October 2015

Sneaky Gitz and Campaigns

Dem sneaky gitz, wrecking my hobby schedule...

First off, apologies for my inactivity! It's not that I haven't been hobbying lately though, on the contrary, I've been hobbying quite a lot! Just not with my current projects like Project Black'eart or the Skitarii and I didn't have anything interesting to show you guys.

So what am I up to then? Well you see, during the summer holidays a Games Workshop store opened it's doors in my local area and they are organizing a campaign. My friends and I thought it was fun to fight other people for a change so we joined in! And I signed up with my Orks. Probably not a good idea since a lot of my Green Skins don't have any paint on (we are allowed to enter with merely basecoated armies fortunately)- but hey! I like a challenge! Speaking of challenges; the army list! Now I'm not a competitive person whatsoever and only play fluffy or I-have-no-idea-if-this-gonna-work-but-looks-like-fun army lists, so making a fun yet competitive-ish 750 pts Ork list will be a tough cookie for me.

I want to play with the stuff I have (I can also borrow some Orks from a friend to bolster the forces though), so this is going to be a rather boyz and foot slogging list. I am thinking about a Killa Kan wall of 6 Kanz with a Deff Dread to protect the boyz a bit. Or perhaps some Grethin mobs to soak up the wounds and grab objectives, but these buggers did fail me the times that I've field them so I'm a bit hestitant. The Kanz aint never gonna fit in the 750 list but as the campaign progresses, the points will go up so perhaps there's gonna be room for them. Some other things I've been pondering on:

  • Lots of Boyz, Rokkits support- fer choppin' and clobberin' and objectives ;
  • Kommandos with Rokkits- distraction, gettin' in da fight early, objectives;
  • 'Ard Boyz in a Trukk- speed, objectives grabbin';
    • More trukks for the boyz??
  • HQ's: Warboss with Lucky Stikk;
    • Painboy(z) for extra save;
I don't have Tankbustas for killy dakka, and my one Mek Gun is borrowed to a friend. Perhaps some lootas for needed fire support, or my deff koptas can join the fray. Anyways lots of things to decide. Perhaps one of you Ork veterans out there can give me some tips? I have no idea what I'm facing though (aside from my friends (Orks, Space Wolves and Dark Angels) and a dude with Necrons *gulp*).

So that's what's keeping me busy these days. Of course, I'll keep you informed on the campaign and post the army list when it's done. I will continue Project Black'eart in the meantime as he's coming along nicely, so keep an eye out for that too! The Skitarii will have to wait a bit longer (poor buggers), but to be honest I'm a little burned out on that project. So my goal to finish them this year will not be reached... *sigh* the live of a hobbybutterfly.


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