Astral Claws

The Astral Claws. Once loyalists, turned gladly their back on the Imperium by the whim of one man- Lugft Huron. And that was not even the first reason I liked them! Their metallic colour scheme is was drew me in first. I've always liked metallic space marines and with their awesome background, I had to collect them! I also use them as an excuse to get my hands on some Forge World goodies.

This project is not really an army project like the Blood Angels and the Orks. I do want to battle with them now and then, but they'll get a little extra attention painting wise. Currently I'm testing the painting scheme of the human Auxilia and have some models ready to receive some paint!

Painting to do list

Painting in progress
  • Astral Claws colour test - Done!
  • Tyrant's Legion colour test
  • Iscario Seneca
Ready to paint
  • Two Servitors
  • Assault Squad
  • Tyrant's Legion Command
  • Lugft Huron


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