20 February 2017

Skaven Blood Bowl Team

Hello everyone!

Well, the new Blood Bowl version is out for a few months. A friend and I bought the box and I bought some Skaven to be my official team. It took a while to paint these buggers as I painted them to quite a high standard. I really like the colourscheme. It fits with the Skaven. As a matter of fact, for this year I want to paint a small army of Skaven and I'll probably go with this scheme, be it with some adjustments (purple clothing instead of armour for example).

The models were a real joy to paint. My only nitpick would be that some parts of the models (notably the feet) lacked details. It's not terrible but it did show (and it's not what I'm used to from GW). Anyways, below more pictures of the team. I do not have a team name yet, although, I was going for Warpfire Runners but saw that other people had the same idea. So I'm still pondering on a fitting name.

Enjoy and see you 'till the next update!


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