19 June 2015

Sanguinary Priest - Done!

Hello everyone! So, the Sanguinary Priest is done. The white armour came out a lot better then I expected fortunately! And I'm particularly proud of his cloak.

I used some GW's Blood for the Blood God technical paint to get the blood effect on the chalice. Mind you, it looks better and more blood-like in real life ;)

Now that the priest done, this will be my second and last vow for the Bolter & Chainsword competition:

A Furioso Dreadnought! (Apologies for the terrible photo. My phone had a hard time focusing on this thing.)

Enjoy! See ya next time!

11 June 2015

Sanguinary Priest WIP I

A quick WIP shot of the Sanguinary Priest. The white armour was quite tricky this time. Dark brown washes made it look dirty so I used a heavily watered down Karak Stone and painted it in the recesses. Those Skitarii robes were a heck lot easier.

Stay tuned for more!

06 June 2015

Blood Angels Assault Squad - Done!

First half of my Bolter & Chainsword vow done~! On to the next.

Individual shots:

I've changed the basing style this time. The previous brown stone base didn't work very well, so I went with the grey stones for better contrast.

Thanks for looking! 'Till next time.

04 June 2015

Fixing the Kastelan Robots - WIP

So, last Sunday I sat down and started to convert the Kastelan Robots. Fortunately, this conversion isn't so time consuming, so it's nearly done. On to the pics~!

First up, I began my work on the greenstuff.

Secondly, when the greenstuff was dry, I sand the eyes and cut up some plasticard.


Time to chop up some bolts.

They have five bolts on each side. I made just three at first but that looked awkward.

Current result:

I think I do need to sand the greenstuff a bit more otherwise all the folds and scratches will be visible through the paint. Last thing to do; the air vents. That shouldn't be too difficult but I have to carve my way through the plastic with a plastic cutter though. So, I hope I won't screw up and damage the model. Oh well, care is needed then.

Anyways, the assault squad for the competition is finished painting wise and will base them this Friday. Then I'll finish my work on the Kastelans and then they are ready to get assembled. I also hope to buy the remaining kits for my Skitarii and plan a time schedule to get them all assembled and primed. But some projects need to be finished first (I'm looking at you Huron...).

So a little peek in the future (not in order of completion as they probably run simultaneously):
  • Finish my first vow of the competition of Bolter & Chainsword (one half nearly done);
  • Finish the Waaagh! Black'eart project;
  • Start and finish a possible second vow for the comp before August the 1st;
  • After those three, kick off the Skitarii project.
My goal is to finish the Skitarii this year. Then they'll be out of the way and I can continue my work on the rest of the armies. *sigh* so many things on the plate, so little time.

Till the next update guys, I'm out!


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