Blood Angels Assault Squad - Done!

First half of my Bolter & Chainsword vow done~! On to the next.

Individual shots:

I've changed the basing style this time. The previous brown stone base didn't work very well, so I went with the grey stones for better contrast.

Thanks for looking! 'Till next time.


  1. Very nice! Considering they are all armoured up, the faces are strangely quite expressive! I like how you've toned down the red a bit, looks really good :-)

  2. A great squad. Very nice paintwork!

  3. Excellent work highlighting on the gold heads. It looks like that would be tricky. Did you use metallic paints or regular flat? It's a beautiful squad. My only complaint is that you're "wasting" your wonderful talents on beakies when you could be painting more Orks! :)

    1. Cheers pal! I used flat colours. Hahaha you have to bear the beakies a bit longer ;) when I'm assembling all those skitarii- it's Ork time!!


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