26 August 2015

Fixing the Kastelan Robots - Done!

Finally sat down yesterday and finished these buggers! Nothing is magnetized for now as the guns on the top can easily be switched and the hands seem to stick to the arms very well! I'm really curious how they will look when they're painted. Because I think the bronze heads will not go with the white colour scheme very well. Perhaps I will paint them red with a few hints on Forge World Metalica. Ah well, we'll see!

The Cybernetica Datasmith is assembled too but forgot to picture him.

Lastly, I gently drilled the air vents on the heads (pictured above). It looks a little rough now so it needs a little cleaning up. Although it was pretty easy to do, I had to be VERY careful to not make them too large or ruin the model. So to make sure I didn't drill the wrong spot, I drew a line with pencil first to mark the position and length of the air vent. Then, picking the smallest drill bit, I carefully drilled the air vent. And not too deep, otherwise the holes would be too large.

So the robots are done and ready to get primed! Stay tuned for more folks.

24 August 2015

Imperial Knight Colour Scheme Ponderings

I've bought a Imperial Knight quite some time ago. My plan was to make it a Freeblade knight who is not part of a knightly house. But I didn't had a good feel of how the colour scheme would be, so it gathered dust somewhere in my room. But yesterday it suddenly it hit me on how my Knight would look. So would love to hear your oppinions!

The colour scheme is not really one that you would expect to see on a knight:


Yes, Dark Eldar. Now, as much as I dislike these pesky elves, I totally dig dem colours and I think, with a few alterations, they would look smashing on a knight!! So today I took a knight picture off of Google and quickly edited it in Photoshop. The real model is going to be a bit more blue-ish but this will give you an idea how it's going to look like:

Mind you, all the heraldry is removed on this picture but there will be custom heraldry on the shield, banner, shoulder pads and the legs. And with that in mind I thought those red stripes made him perhaps a bit too busy, so for the second one I toned it down a bit:

So what do you guys think? Will it work on a knight? Are the red stripes on his back and upper legs too much?

22 August 2015

Red Corsair Nob - Done!

The nob is now complete! Freehanding that flag was a bit of a pain though, but it came out pretty good at the end. At first I wanted to do checkers around the edges of the flag but when I was painting it I found it too busy and distracting. This pattern works way better and gives the flag a nice thouch methinks.

Now that the Nob is done, it's time to paint Huron's pet squig! I'll also try to give you guys an update on the Kastelan Robots.

More pictures below:


19 August 2015

Hoist the Flag!

The Nob is done! What's left now is the Waaagh! banner and the base.

Pictures of the finished model will come this weekend!

Stay tuned.

08 August 2015

Red Corsair Boyz - Done!

The boyz are done! I''m still trying to find the right set-up of the light box for the pictures so some are better then others. Enjoy none the less!

And a better view of one of the bases.

04 August 2015

Magnetised Tech-Priest

All your data are belong to me!

The Tech-Priest Dominus is a menacing looking figure. Hunched over by all the machinery he's carrying but he still towers over the rank and file units and the amount of detail on this guys is just fantastic. In other words, awesome model, super detailed and a pain to paint.
I did a small conversion here. He got a robot claw from the Infiltrators/Ruststalkers box instead of his hand that was holding a rod (also known as the pimp-cane). I thought it was weird having him lean on two staves. Now it looks like he's pointing malevolently at his next target. Much better IMHO!

Here are some shots of the things I mangnetised. I used 2mm x 2mm magnets for this:

When you drill the Tech-Priest you have to be careful not to drill through his thin arms (especially the ones holding the pistols). Fortunately it isn't something you can't fix with green stuff, but it can save you some time. Here are the two area's I've put the magnets in:

Well that's it for the Tech-Priest. He's ready to get primed. Next up for the Skitarii; I'll continue my work on the Kastelan Robots!

Till the next update!


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