Magnetised Tech-Priest

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The Tech-Priest Dominus is a menacing looking figure. Hunched over by all the machinery he's carrying but he still towers over the rank and file units and the amount of detail on this guys is just fantastic. In other words, awesome model, super detailed and a pain to paint.
I did a small conversion here. He got a robot claw from the Infiltrators/Ruststalkers box instead of his hand that was holding a rod (also known as the pimp-cane). I thought it was weird having him lean on two staves. Now it looks like he's pointing malevolently at his next target. Much better IMHO!

Here are some shots of the things I mangnetised. I used 2mm x 2mm magnets for this:

When you drill the Tech-Priest you have to be careful not to drill through his thin arms (especially the ones holding the pistols). Fortunately it isn't something you can't fix with green stuff, but it can save you some time. Here are the two area's I've put the magnets in:

Well that's it for the Tech-Priest. He's ready to get primed. Next up for the Skitarii; I'll continue my work on the Kastelan Robots!

Till the next update!


  1. Great job magnetizing him. It's always an extra step, but pays incredible dividends in the long run!

    1. Thanks Greg! It definitely an extra step and a step you easily tend to skip. But I'm glad I did it. Now I don't have to proxy stuff :D


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