A New Chapter

I've been tinkering on a custom space marine chapter for a while. At first it was going to be one of the Blood Angels successors, but when I read more into the Astral Claws fluff, it was more interesting to make a loyalist successor chapter while their sire and brother (the Tiger Claws) rebelled against the Imperium. And it gave me the opportunity to include one of my favourite chapters in the fluff of my own space marines chapter! No, I'm not gonna start a new army... that's too much of a hassle and costs way to much, but I intend to paint a few figures for them and I've a pretty neat idea how the chapter masters gonna look (something to do with Cataphractii armour).
Their fluff still needs to be written out of course, but the colour scheme is all set. So I've tested it on a mini to see it really worked and that I was able to properly paint white armour. :P It's a sloppy paint job honestly, but it's a test so I really don't mind ;)

White can be pretty tricky (you have to be neat!) but it was a fun experiment overall!
A little bit of info on the colour scheme: their armour was always white with red accents, but after a devastating event (it has something to do with lots of battle brothers walking over to chaos -I'm looking a you Huron Blackheart!-) they all started to paint the shoulder pad insets black as a sign of grief and loss for their fallen and dead brothers. On the right knee pad every battle brother has the freedom to express their own personal loss by painting patterns or painting it red or black (especially the veterans since the most of them had been present at the time of the event, the new battle brothers mostly paint a red stripe). On the left knee pad, the yellow line stands for the company colour, 2nd company in this case, the IV stands for the squad number.



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