Wartrakk update and Tyrant's Legion

Worked on the Wartrakk some more today! I'm almost there. The driving ork needs to be done, the wheels and some gubbins.

The shooting ork is done! I'm very proud of this little guy.

Yesterday I took a little break from the painting and assembled my Cadian command squad kit for the Tyrant's Legion I got for Christmas. Read more about it after the jump!

Visually not all the models represent the characters written in the Badab War book one. I still need at least two bodyguards and a prefect but will add those to the squad later. The reason I wanted this kit was because of the banner (I really wanted to give my Legion an awesome banner), the medic whom is a nice little addition and of course the fun bits that came with the kit. These bits really can give some character to your squad (like broken arms, sigarrettes etc) and there are still some bits left I can use for the troops. On to the pictures:

This little guy needed some work. The kit comes with two flags (one with a right arm, the other with the left) and since I wanted to freehand the Tyrant's Legion emblem on it, I had to scrape off all the symbols. And this flag had not so much symbols as the other but had the wrong arm, so I cut off the flag and clued it on the proper arm. The symbol is still a little bit visible, but when there's some paint on, you won't be seeing it anymore (I hope).

Thanks for looking guys, stay tuned for more updates!


  1. Very awesome lookin' wartrakk! Nice job!

    1. Thanks Hung! Things are going pretty good as you can see :D really want to finish 'em tomorrow! And then on to the next miniature!


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