Conversion: from Sentinel to Killa Kan

The current project I'm working on; the sentikan! It's the first time I'll be doing anything with plasticard. *gulp* Let's see how it's gonna turn out.

Here's the current progress. The legs got some knee pads and spikes here and there, the cockpit will have some teeth and other gubbinz on it. As for the weapons, not sure where to put them yet. The shooty weapons will probably sit where the current weapon is supposed to be (on the right side of the mini). As for the weapon choice; I think I'll go for a grotzooka or a skorcha when the 'zooka just does not fit. For the close combat weapon the Kan Klaw will do methinks.
The gretchin will also be visible. Perhaps he's poking a gun out the window or he's opening the roof hatch. Still some planning to do, but it will be a good plasticard practise!


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