Conversion: Sentinel to Killa Kan part III

The killa kan is nearing completion! The main task this time was the gretchin and the roof hatch. The roof hatch was made with plasticard. Not the most amazing hatch ever, but it will suffice.

I've added some stuff later on but I forgot to photograph that. Anyway, the next thing was the gretchin. I took a spare gretchin head, drilled a thin pin in it and bend it so I could sculpt the greenstuff around it. The sculpt doesn't have any muscle definition or whatever, but I didn't find it very necessary since you can't see the body very well.

So, when that was out of the way, I glued all the remaining plasticard on and drilled the flamer on the body. More after the jump!

 But first, there were a few gaps to tackle. The metal parts didn't fit very well on the plastic ones but green stuff saved the day!

And now with the plasticard on!

Time to test out the gretchin... how will it look?

Huh, not bad! He still needs a handle in his hand though but overall it looks pretty good. The complete picture:

I'm pretty proud of the result so far. Not the best conversion in the world, but I had fun playing around with plasticard! The only things left to do: glueing on the remaining things like the Saw and some gubbins and the plasticard plates need some bolts to make them less plain but will do that an other time. The gretchin and the hatch are loose components so I can paint them more easily.

Till next time!


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