Gretchins WIP II and More

Hello everyone! Some updates on the gretchins. I finished these three buggers yesterday. At this stage batch painting just doesn't work for me anymore so I just finish them individually! This also gives me the freedom to think about the tattoo design and the colours of the clothing a bit more. Anyway, still want to keep them simple. They are lowly grots after all.

But to keep them from becoming dull, one grot got some yellow. The main colours of the Death Skulls tribe are blue and white but to keep it more interesting I want to add some yellow here and there.

A group shot with the rest of the lot:

I'll do the bases later, more over they are probably one of the last units to get some basing. Anyway, still a few more to go (not to mention the Ork runtherd + squig!).

But that's not all, I raided my bitz box two days ago and assembled yet another Badab War character (I'm on a roll!). This time it's Astral Claws apothecary Iscario Seneca. His picture is actually in the campaign book, so it was easy to build him. Here he is, on a prowl for fallen space marines:

With accompanied picture from the first Badab War campaign book:

His torso is different from the pic, as I used most bitz of the Space Marine Command set. But I like the extra bottles and things on his belt. I'm planning to field his as apothecary with the Astral Claws and Corpse Taker when he's with the Tyrant's Legion. I have some servitors from the Techmarine kit laying around so they could tag along with him. Here are some more pics:

For some reason, I really want to paint this guy. But he'll have to wait till the grots are finished.

Thanks for having a look guys and till next time! Oh, some real life news; next week wednesday I'll be starting at my new job! That means less hobby time of course but I'm just so glad to have a proper job again!



  1. Very nice work! The yellow looks good and you can still tell blue is their main colour. There's something calming about taking the time to just paint each figure separately. Maybe I just get bored easily :-)

    Congratulations on the new job too! That's great news :-)

    1. Cheers Paul! Batch painting gets so tedious over time and it feels like you're never done! Painting them separately is indeed much more calming :D


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