Waaagh! Black'eart WIP I

As promised; an update on Huron! I finished the boss pole and trophy(?) pole and spiced it up with some MasterTools chain. His head is glued down and now I have to sculpt some green stuff around it to make it look like he's actually in the suit.

And now with arms and some custom stuff:

His mouth piece was made with green stuff. At first I tried to make one with plasticard but it became too fiddly and broke off eventually. It was a heck of a job though to get it right because his head is so tiny!

This thing on his back is a psychic energy converter. His pet squig is able to transfer psychic energy to Huron so he can manifest certain psychic powers without loosing his mind. (Pretty spiffy huh?!)
But I'm still not sure about the size... It looks pretty big and it makes him even more top heavy then he already is. So I have to see if I can fix that...

And now, with the legs on:

See what I mean? He's quite top heavy. So I hope I can tone it down a bit. But then again, he looks like a real monster now! ;)

Besides Huron, a Red Corsair Boy also got some love:

Orks take being a pirate very seriously! (Or not....)
Welp, I'm pretty proud of the results so far! I'm not an converion expert but so far I managed to pull it off. Still, there are some tough cookies to crack. Stay tuned for more and let me know what you think!


  1. Nice job. It looks like a tricky thing to paint! :-)

    1. Yeah he's gonna be a tough one. But I do look foward to paint him! :D


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