Bases, Bases Everywhere

Hello everyone! Here are a couple of bases I painted for my Astral Claws. The bases themselves come from Dark Art Miniatures. The amount of detail is just fantastic and the casts were perfect! I'm really happy with them. They are a bit bare at the moment but I want to add grass tufts and other things after I put on the Astral Claws themselves. Otherwise I might get into trouble when positioning them. Anyways, here are some detail shots:

The painting recipe was based on John Stiening's recipe from 40k Hobby Blog. First I sprayed them with Army Painter's Matt White, then I added two watered down coats (so the white will still shine through) of GW's Baneblade Brown and lastly they were drybrushed with GW's Screaming Skull. Of course, the black trims were done with Vajello's Black.

Here's a finished base with Astral Claw:

Oh btw, I've also updated one of my last posts "Rise of Astral Claws" with proper squad markings and of course the new fancy base!

Thanks for ready and till te next update!


  1. Nice work, Love the beat up look of the marines and the dusty bases are top notch!

  2. Wow, they look really good! It's amazing how much a base can add to a paint job.

    1. Indeed! And they are relatively quick to paint too. Just pne basecoat, drybrush and done!


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