Haunting the Night

Hello everyone!

So, here's a Hexwraith test model for my Death army in Age of Sigmar! Not everything is going to look like this but all the spirits and Hexwraiths will (now called Nighthaunt). I really enjoyed painting this fella as he's so different from space marines and I tried some new techniques.

The robe colour was inspired by the Hexwraith models on the GW webstore. And the blue ethereal-like recipe is based off of the one in How to Paint Citadel Miniatures Nagash guide. I did tweak the recipe a bit as it didn't work for me. They used at a certain point Celestia Grey but I changed that to Baharroth Blue + Ulthuan mix as it blends better with the previous layer.

So you're probably wondering what the recipe is, well here you go:

  • Baharroth Blue
  • Sotek + Lahmian Medium (thin it until it looks like a wash)
  • Baharroth again for clean-up
  • Baharroth mixed with a little bit of Ulthuan Grey
  • Pure Ulthuan Grey for highlights
Next update will probably be some Lizardmen (Serpahon, I keep calling them Lizardmen haha). I finished two a while ago but still have to do some snow basing. I got a new technique for that so I hope it works!

Btw, I will come back to the comments on my previous post! So don't think I'm ignoring you guys ;)

Oh and... before you go: there's an awesome new Age of Sigmar forum on the interwebz; The Grand Alliance! There are a lot of awesome people on already (including me), so get on and join the fun!


  1. He looks really great, might steal some of the ethereal effect for myself :-)
    Only thought might be some details on the horse cloth (robe?), looks a bit bare?


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