Retaliation Comes Swift

... and with iron teeth.

Retaliation comes indeed swift and in shiny armour! The first Astral Claw Retaliator is finished guys. I used this chap more or less as a test for the others; as I wanted to test some new recipes! The gold was one of the new ones and I love how it came out. The Auric Armour Gold paint really gives it a polished gold look (it looks darker here then in real life).

Just like the previous Astral Claw, the metallic armour is painted using the "zenithal highlighting" technique. Normally I just highlight the edges when it comes to space marines but with this technique you try to highlight your miniature more realistically (with an imaginary light source directly above the model). Now, in no ways I'm an expert and I still do some edge highlighting where I saw fit, so it can't be called true zenithal highlighting, but hey, it works for me ;)

Now I can start on the rest of his squad. So stay tuned!!


  1. Love the pose on this guy. He's striding forward, putting a lot of weight behind that shield. Great job on him!

  2. We need some updates on these guys, you can't leave us in limbo!

    Just loving the motion captured in that model, truly something to aspire to.

    1. Soon my friend, soon! I was a tad bit distracted by lizards, trees and dead people, in other words; AoS :P

      Thanks man, I don't consider myself a pro on modelling but I'm pleased how he came out!


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