Waaagh! Black'eart WIP IV - Job's a Good 'un Boss!

Welp, here he is then, the big boss himself is done! It feels like I've been working on Huron for ages but when you add up the time I've spent on it, it isn't all that much. There are some things in this project that I could have done better. Especially the flamer in his hand (dropped that idea as you can see and chopped up the gun instead). I really wanted to mirror the Chaos version of Huron but my conversion skillz were not really up for the task and I was afraid it might ruin the claw all together.

For those of you who don't know what this madness is all about: Waaagh! Black'eart is a little side project a friend on Dakka and I came up with. It is an alternate version of the Chaos lord Huron Blackheart. So instead of getting saved by Chaos after his fall on Badab, Huron is saved by some crazy Orks and crowned him as their Warboss (Wot? A 'oomie leadin' da Boyz?! Yes, because... conversion reasons). On this page you can read some info about the project and enjoy some fluff!

Anyways, here are some close-up pics of da boss:

All in all the flamer looks pretty badass!

All that boring grey plastic and resin irk me to no end so I can't wait to paint this guy and see him in full glory!


  1. He looks like one of the boyz :-). Awesome!

  2. That's a mighty big figure! Nice conversion work, it looks quite seamless already. Crazy amount of detail on him though, looking forward to seeing your skills applied to this guy!

    1. Yeah the details are crazy. Something I look forward to to paint but also a little hesitant of. Ah well, it will be a nice challenge!

  3. That guy is HUGE! hahah

    really like the conversions, everything really links seamlessly.

    nice one :-)

  4. I like the flamer gun and how it came out. Looks better than putting it in the klaw. He looks a lot like the loyalist Huron, which is more appropriate since the Chaos version never existed in your story!


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