Waaagh! Black'eart WIP II

Hello everyone! Here's an update on the Waaagh! Black'eart conversion (yes I'm still working on it ;)). Four Red Corsair boys are now done. Well, they are snap fit models so it wasn't that hard to put them together. I might give the bare headed a bandana of some sorts or even an eye patch, just to emphasise the pirate part a bit (without over doing it).

The orks stand on Dark Art's sci-fi deck bases to make it look like their in a spaceship hunting for loot. Again the bases are of excellent quality!

I've also worked on Huron's pet squig:

The squig is really a lovely little model and it looks so much better than the regular ones GW has released. If you're interested, he's from a cute little vignette called the Chase. Anyway, I'm not really sure if he should stand on that space marine helmet. Should I keep it?

In other news, I'm painting up a Skitarii Ranger to test the colour scheme! Here's a WIP shot:

Looks pretty good so far methinks :) I really need to get used to all those fiddely bits these guys have! Phew! Great care is needed when you clip them off of the sprue! Needless to say, they look really awesome in real life!

Thanks for looking guys! Till the next update.


  1. looking forward to see the finished orks :-)

  2. I like the helmet underfoot, it seems to suit the Squig's character :-)

  3. You should keep the helmet underneath the squig, def. a fun touch :) and the skiitari looks cool already!

  4. Great job on the Skitarii - your colour scheme is splendid - I love the white cloak, and they way his blue goggles pop.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished orcs, and especially that squig. Good luck...


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