Furioso Dreadnought - Done!

Hello everyone! The Furioso Dreadnough is complete and that means my second vow of the Bolter and Chainsword competition is done too. He was a fun one to paint although I had to apply several thin coats of red to get a smooth coverage, so that was kinda tedious. Anyways, he's done now and I'm pretty proud of it. So, time to continue the work on Waagh! Blackheart!

More pictures:

Close-ups of the gems and lences. These are fun to do!

In other news, I purchased a light tent several months ago and finally my daylight bulbs arrived last weekend. So yesterday I've set up the lights and gave it a spin. Here are the results:

The lighting is pretty okay, as the shadows are minimal. I could play around with the lightening more to see if I'll get better results. As for the picture quality itself, my phone can't really handle it as it makes the pictures kinda blurry. I do have a decent camera laying around so will test that one out too. I really hope it works so we can get some better pictures here!

See ya next time guys!


  1. Very nice as always! Those burnished metal exhausts are superb. We must be due for a group shot of your recent red-themed output sometime soon? :-)

    1. Thanks Paul! A group shot huh? That's a great idea sir! ^^


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