New Year's Resolutions

... Well projects actually.

Happy new year everyone! I already did a sort of recap of last year in my previous post, so this time let's look forward shall we? Currently the Tyrant's Legion is up and running till the end of May, but there are some more I would like to finish/start this year:

The Skitarii - these guys were actually planned for last year, but my hobby schedule got shaken up several times by Orks and Space Marines respectively. So, during the Tyrant's Legion project I do want to pick these guys up again slowly. The Kastelans will be first of the bunch as several folks are eager to see how they turn out haha. So expect to see more of them in the near future!

Seraphon/Lizardmen - I picked up the battalion box sometime ago and have a Saurus Old Blood laying around. I don't know if my gaming group will be playing a lot of Age of Sigmar this year, but I really want to give em some paint. I was also thinking of some Sylvaneth allies to tag along with them.

Horus Heresy Salamanders - Will we start playing 30K this year? My friends are pretty enthusiastic about it and are eager to do some test games, but we'll have to see how things go. Meanwhile I'll slowly paint the Betrayal of Calth set.

Skaven Blood Bowl Team - last month I played a game of Blood Bowl and it was a blast. It got me thinking on starting a little Blood Bowl team. The Skaven are one of my favourites from the Old World (or now the Mortal Realms) and they look fun to play rules wise!

Orks - besides participating in the campaign, I hope to work on them some more this year.

So, that's what's roughly in for the hobby schedule for 2016! Now I am a bit of a hobby butterfly so the schedule might shift here and there and who knows what 2016 will bring?!

Anyways, first things first; here are some painted miniatures to kick off the new year! The part 1/3 of the 20 man Legion Auxilia:

Thanks for looking, till the next update!


  1. Look forward to following your progress!

  2. Oh, Blood Bowl! I already made my own list of hobby goals for 2016, but I didn't include Blood Bowl! Thanks for reminding me, although I doubt I really need any more projects :p

    Good luck with yours, looking forward to seeing your progress.

    1. Thanks Thalenchar! Have you seen the new Blood Bowl miniature leaks? I don't know when GW will release it but I'm thinking of holding the Blood Bowl project off for a bit. I'm really curious what they'll do with the Skaven! :O

    2. Yeah,I've seen them. I'm terribly excited for the eventual release, although it does push my plans to make my own Blood Bowl field a bit into the future. I play Chaos myself, so I hope the rumours of them being one of the first four teams to be released are true :)

  3. Is the squad leader/enforcer guy a Vic mini too? I don't recognise him.

    Nice job on them


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