Waaagh! Black'eart

Hello peoples! Starting a new conversion project! Fellow Dakkanaut Ezra Tyrius came with a crazy idea of a "looted" Lugft Huron. What if Huron was not saved by Chaos but by Orks? That idea got me thinking and soon enough I had an idea what he'd look like. I'm a fan of Kromlech since I got the wartrakk from them and immediately looked on their website to see if they had something I could use for this project. And they had. The Juggernaut Mecha-Armour. I wanted to give Blackheart some bulky armour, to make him look menacing and orky, so this kit is perfect!

Here's a comparison between Kromlech's armour and a Space Marine:

Ded stompy I say! So, with most bits now in house, it's time to kick this project off! Let da Waaagh! begin!

Be sure to check the article on the right to read more about the project!


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