What to paint next...

Many of you probably know that feeling; what to paint next? That awesomesauce character you just bought or that ten man squad who's laying about gathering dust? And that's why we make painting list!
I've seen quite a few people make fancy excel sheets, detailing every stage their miniatures are in. I'd love to have one of those but the amount of prep and maintaining the darn things put me off (yeah, I'm pretty lazy...). So I've searched for something more simple.
I've used Wunderlist for some time. Really simple and effective, but you have to make separate lists for all the stages, so that was pretty annoying. On my work I had to work with Trello (think of kanban for that matter) for a short while and I really liked the sticky note/task board feel. You just drag your task to the next stage until you've completed it. And since I work a lot on my iPad, I wanted something similar and something I could carry around with me. I came across the Taskboard app. Very simple and effective and it actually works for me. You'll have to spend some money in order to make more projects but it isn't all that much. It can get a bit crowded and hard to read if you have a lot of tasks but it's a minor nuance. All in all, it does it's job and you'll be very happy to see that "completed" list grow! You can make it as complicated if you want, by adding notes, colours and deadlines.
Here are some screens:

The wall of doom- I mean projects. Too bad you can't choose pics only colours.
What? Lizardmen! In due time dear friends, in due time!

My Blood Angels painting list:

The red dot marks the importance of this particular task.

So! What's your favourite tool for list keeping? Let me know in the comments!


  1. That looks like a pretty cool tool to use. I've used a spreadsheet for the first time to help me keep on task with my current project (German armour), but I am finding I'm not looking at it that much. Maybe a good old-fashioned piece of paper stuck on the wall beside the painting table might be the best idea for me? It definitely does help to have some sort of organisation though, it's really easy to start lots of things and finish very few!

    1. I also don't look at it very often, I'm afraid. And I sometimes forget to update it, so that's still a thing. Maintaining a list is just hard. But with this tool it's pretty easy to move your tasks ahead. You just have to drag, drop and done! So, that’s probably why I’m still using it.
      Aah, nothing beats the ol’ paper I guess! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Hehe that's also one way of using Trello :p. It seems interesting to keep track of all my work, but it requires constant updating and that is too much trouble for me. And since I usually try to finish 1 project at a time, it's not that hard for me keep track of all my paint jobs. I do use battlescribe to keep track of all my assembled models in my "Assembled models" army list and my finished models to my "Done n Painted" army list. Once I'm done painting an assembled model I remove from the "assembled" list and add it to the other list. It's also a fun way to see how many points I have in total.

  3. Looks a cool idea, I am just too lazy to keep it updated! :-)


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